Trauma Surgery

Trauma Surgery

What is Trauma Surgery?

Head and neck trauma is an injury sustained to the face and neck resulting in a variety of defects that can affect both facial cosmetics and function.  Trauma urgery is performed to correct these defects.  Our doctors and staff have significant training and are experts in treating full scope head and neck trauma.  Minor injuries can be treated in the comfort of our private office while more major trauma is treated in the operating suite at one of our affiliated hospitals.  Trauma surgery is specific to each individual patient and the type of injury they have sustained.

Why is Trauma Surgery needed?

Traumatic oral and facial injuries can result in esthetic and functional defects as well as significant pain.   Expedited treatment of these injuries by a trained professional is paramount to proper healing and surgical success.  If left untreated, cosmetic and functional defects may persist and become significantly harder to treat as time passes. Furthermore, it is also more difficult to achieve surgical success in patients with untreated facial injuries.  It is so important to seek treatment of any injury as soon as possible by a well-trained maxillofacial surgery team. We are here to help!

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Who is a candidate for Trauma Surgery?

If you have sustained trauma, we will perform an examination and radiograph to determine the significance of the injury and whether it needs to be surgically treated.  We would provide you with all treatment options including their risks and benefits. If surgery is recommended, we customize a plan to fit your individual needs. Some reasons you would require treatment include the following:

  • Broken, cracked or chipped teeth
  • Loose and dislodged teeth
  • Root fractures
  • Implant breakage and loosening
  • Injuries to the skin and bones of the head, jaws and neck

What happens during Trauma Surgery?

Depending on the severity of your injury we would recommend treatment in either our private office or hospital setting.  In our private office we perform surgery with local anesthesia, nitrous oxide anxiolysis, or intravenously to provide deep sedation or general anesthesia.   This helps significantly reduce anxiety during the procedure. If the procedure needs to be performed in the operating room we would coordinate the delivery of the care at one of our affiliated hospitals while helping your understand your insurance coverage and benefit.

If you think you might need trauma surgery, call our office today and we will make a consultation appointment for you right away.