Trauma Surgery

Trauma Surgery & Emergency Dentistry

At our offices we understand that time is of the essence when dealing with a dental trauma. Our highly trained oral and maxillofacial surgeons have years of experience when it comes to knowing how the jaw should fit together, allowing them to efficiently treat facial injuries and traumas. Your treatment will be based on the traumatic facial injury you have sustained.

  • Chipped or fractured teeth are most commonly from an accident or sports injury. Your tooth will receive filling colored as close to your natural teeth as possible. If a large portion of the tooth is missing a crown may be used to restore your tooth. If a back tooth gets fractured, or cracked, a root canal is required. If the tooth is badly split it may need to be extracted altogether.
  • Dislodged teeth occur when you tooth is pushed up into its socket, pushed out of its socket, or pushed sideways. We will reposition and stabilize your tooth, and then a few days later you will need to return for a root canal. Once we are satisfied that the root canal was successful we will then place a permanent crown.
  • Knocked-out teeth need to be treated immediately. The best chance to save your tooth is within the first 30 minutes following the injury. We will examine the tooth, socket, and your mouth to make sure there are no other injuries. We will then place your tooth back in its socket along with a splint to keep it stabilized. After a week we will check the progress of your roots development. If your tooth cannot be saved, we will discuss other treatment options to replace the missing tooth.
  • Root fractures can occur when your tooth sustains a traumatic injury. If the fracture is closer to the root-tip your tooth will have a better chance of surviving, whereas if the fracture is closer to the gum line we will try to stabilize it and see if it is able to heal.

Please contact our office immediately if you have sustained the above traumas, or any other dental injury!