Facial Trauma Treatments

What are Facial Trauma Treatments?

Facial trauma can occur at virtually any time and cause you to feel badly about your appearance while affecting functionality. You might have experienced facial trauma during a car accident, while playing sports or from another reason. We offer facial trauma treatment to help improve the look of your face as well as the way you’re able to function. This treatment is specific to each individual patient, so you can benefit from coming in for a consultation prior to surgery.

Why are Facial Trauma Treatments needed?

When you are the victim of facial trauma, this can affect not only the look of your face, but the way that you are able to function. Certain injuries can affect your ability to talk, breathe, eat and open your mouth. You may be left feeling badly about yourself and embarrassed about the way that you look. There is absolutely no reason to live with these problems when facial trauma treatment is incredibly helpful to you. This treatment can work on all types of injuries, including soft tissue, bone and special injuries and traumas.

What Are Facial Trauma Treatments
Why Are Facial Trauma Treatments Needed

Who is a candidate for Facial Trauma Treatments?

We begin the treatment process with a consultation. This consultation gives us an idea of the problem you’re facing and how to go about repairing it. In some cases, you may need multiple surgeries in order to correct the injury. Some patients have simple injuries that can be repaired quickly and easily.

What happens during Facial Trauma Treatments?

The consultation appointment allows us to discuss your options as well as sedatives you can choose. We then use a general anesthetic to put you to sleep during the surgery. We will repair and treat the area that has been injured. For soft tissue injuries, this may mean a skin grafting as well as sutures. For bone injuries, plates and screws are often used to keep the bone in place. Special injuries are treated as well, as this often need more complex surgery to repair. You will be instructed to come back in regularly to ensure the surgery was a success while your body is healing.

If you think you might need or benefit from facial trauma treatment, call us today and we will be happy to get you in for a convenient appointment.