Dental Infection Treatments

What is Dental Infection Treatment?

Dental infections can be caused by a variety of different factors. The key to handling an infection is by seeking quick and adequate treatment. We are able to provide care and treatment for infections and abscesses. An abscess normally forms as your body’s way of trying to keep the infection contained.

Why is Dental Infection Treatment needed?

If you fail to treat an infection, it can easily last for weeks, months or even years. Over time, the infection can get to the point of leading to bone loss. There have been studies that even show a link between dental infections and heart health. For this reason, seeking immediate treatment for an infection is important and can save your dental health.

What Is Dental Infection Treatment
Different Types Of Dental Infections

What are different types of Dental Infections?

Generally speaking, there are two main types of dental infections. An infection that occurs above the gums can be caused by trauma to the gums, improper brushing and even food becoming lodged between the gums and the teeth. A periapical abscess forms underneath a tooth at its root and is often caused when a tooth’s pulp (or nerve) is severely decayed and infected. In either instance, the infection should be carefully cleared to prevent further problems to your smile.

What can you expect during Dental Infection Treatment?

We will begin the treatment by examining your teeth and gums. In some cases, x-rays are necessary so that we can see below the surface and underneath the teeth. Oftentimes, infections and abscesses can easily be seen on an x-ray. If an abscess is present above the gums, we’ll drain the pus from it and provide you with antibiotics. If there is a periapical abscess, we’ll create a small hole through the tooth to drain the abscess before performing a root canal. Antibiotics are often needed where there is an infection of any kind to help clear away any remaining bacteria.

If you think you might have an infection and want to come in for an exam, call us today and our staff members will be happy to assist you.